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Out in the paddock… calves post-branding

Sharing a few snaps from a drive around Bimbadeen’s stud paddocks on a hot February weekend.

Cows and calves have all settled beautifully since branding a fortnight ago…

calves_1268 f

Lovely softy stud heifer (Bimbadeen N57) enjoys the shade with her dam.

calves_1439 f

This young bull calf (N34) has the most amazing nature – definitely a cruiser.

calves_1429 f

These calves have had no handling, but this guy was happy to watch us from just a metre or so distance.

We are pleased with this year’s calves – like heifer N17 – soft, polled and great skin …
calves_1275 f

… and another example of Bimbadeen’s excellent 206/17 drop (N36).

calves_1299 f

This young bull (N77) just feeling frisky!

calves_1293 f

And not much for posing for the camera..

calves_1294 f

While this cow – Bimbadeen P67 – flirting up a storm with Oaklands Ambassador.

cow_1308 w f

Working on next year’s Bimbadeen stud drop!

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Sneak peek @ 2016 sale bulls

An annual job for us here at Bimbadeen is identifying and allocating our prepared bulls for upcoming sales.  While all Bimbadeen bulls pass tough selection criteria, these are our ‘pick of the crop’.

So with pen in hand, Mark and Amanda spent an afternoon with these young sires-of-the future..

bulls_0808 f

Aren’t they a handsome bunch…

bulls_0793 f

They don’t mind posing too much either!

bulls_0880 e

Some are incredibly quiet, and don’t mind a bit of human attention at all.

bulls_0842 e

Some vie for Mark’s scratches – pick me, pick me!

bulls_0844 e

Nothing like a bull under your arm – this guy would give our Great Dane a run for his money in the ‘shameless snuggler’ department.

bulls_0838 e

Aaaahhhh… that’s the spot!

bulls_0829 e

We are really excited with the future sires we will be offering this season – with some outstanding bloodlines featuring Australia and American genetics.

bulls_0824 e

We will be sharing further information in upcoming posts here and on our Facebook page… stay tuned!

bulls_0865 e

In the meantime, here is a very quiet red Brangus bull impersonating a dog – at HEEL!
bulls_0909 e



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2013 arrives!

Well WHAT a beginning to 2013!

We arrived into this year with a pretty dry outlook here at Bimbadeen, and wishing for some rain to help out our pastures.


Bruce mustering in stud cows…


Jack and Cal bringing in commercial paddock.

We managed to get the brand all done and were taking a break when our prayers for rain were answered.  Several times over!floods_7889

 This is the view from our house, as the river broke it’s banks to the north.

floods_7765 e

We have since had three seperate floods, been stranded away from the Upson Downs homestead once and watched in awe as the Nogo River roared it’s way past the house and down over the Wuruma Dam wall.     floods_8001

Many buyers will recognise this creek below – although the bridge went well and truly under on a few occasions!


Mark and Cal have had their work cut out for them rebuilding fences as the waters receded.

floods_7929 e

A few have been done more than once too!


As always, our respect for Mother Nature took front seat as we counted the flood crossings swept away and worked out logistics to get our roads usable again.


We are fortunate that our hilly quick-draining granite country allows stock to escape the rising water and let’s us in to check on damage and any injury or illness.
bulls_8272 So far, fingers crossed, the mozzies and sandflies have not brought any three-day sickness with them yet.  Our young bulls are definitely feeling frisky and enjoying all the green pasture now on offer.

We apologise to those who have not been able to reach us to inspect stock, and assure you were are working hard to get our internal access routes up and operational very soon.  And we hope you got the rain you needed, and (if you got too much) are recovering well from the floods.



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Stud muster

It’s been glorious Autumn weather here at Bimbadeen, making our late branding musters a real pleasure.  So we thought we’d share some glimpses with you, taken during one of our days in a stud paddock this week.

The granite boulders of our open country often marks a favourite resting place for our breeders.

They look surprised to be caught mid-mouthful sometimes – still pretty, even with her lunch dangling from her lips!

A young heifer bemused at the attention of the crazy lady with the Nikon glued to her face…

Mother and son playing around …

The incredible shade tree in the middle of the dip yards – the kids think it’s the Enchanted Faraway Tree!

Some of our hard workers take a break during the yardwork – from front: Blue, Patch and Cruel.

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek into a day at Bimbadeen (a quick preview for those taking the Pre-Congress Brangus tour next month).


The Bimbadeen Team


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Bottle Tree Country Muster

Some glimpses of a day mustering and weighing steers at our ‘top’ paddocks…

Mark and Bruce bring in the tail of the mob…

Waiting steers and bottle trees …

Mark and dogs lead the mob along the laneway…

Before work in the yards begins…

Bruce brings the cattle into the smaller forcing yards…

Black and red brangus steers waiting to be weighed…

Mark assesses the result – and sorts the steers accordingly.  This lot are mostly 28-month-old steers and averaged around 580kg with the tops weighing in at around 660kg – the top half of this mob are ready to send off in around a month’s time to our EU market buyers.

DONE – and waiting patiently to go back to the paddock.


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Branding time @ Bimbadeen

In between heat waves and drizzling rain, we have managed to complete the 2012 branding here at Bimbadeen. After the floods of 2011, it was nice to have firm ground underfoot to walk our breeders to the yards.

This time last year we were bogging horses in this exact spot!

The calves are looking fantastic and full of vigour – there was a lot of skipping around the mob as we mustered them in for the brand…

Our off-siders included the youngest generation of the Bimbadeen team (a couple seen here at the front of this mob of black stud Brangus cows).

We also had a couple of young ringers from Warwick way join us, and appreciated the long days and hard work they both put in (thanksCal and Lachy!).

(NB Keep an eye out for these boys in Rocky later this year, at Beef 2012).

Our reds were brought in too, with plenty of babies by our younger Doonside bull.

We are delighted with the carcass, structural and temperament traits being passed down from both Bimbadeen dams and our excellent (purchased) Aussie sires.

We noted lots of great temperament from four-legged and two-legged youngsters around the branding cradle…


As usual, the mothering-up job kept all the team busy (including the chief brander!).

It was also noted that our top-producing dam, K234 had once again brought in a ‘snodger’ of a calf.  A heifer which may make it to the show ring later this year.

As always though, it’s great to get the cows and calves back to their paddocks…

Tagged, branded, innoculated, assessed and mothered…

We can’t wait to see how our 2012 babies grow out…


Amanda (on behalf of THE BIMBADEEN TEAM)

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Earlier this year, Mark and Amanda (and children Jack and Sarah) travelled to the USA – primarily to attend the Houston Livestock Show and promote the 2012 World Brangus Congress to be held in Australia.  It was an amazing trip for many reasons, and Houston (and Texas) showed us some incredible hospitality while we were there.

We donned our green shirts (it helped make it easier to find each other in the HUGE Houston crowds) and ventured forth into the event billed as the World’s Largest Entertainment and Livestock Exhibition.  Apparently 2.26 million people attended this year’s event!  (I think that included us).

The completely indoor venue at Reliant Park was enormous and immaculate – we spent many hours visiting, exploring and spectating in this shed.

There was a great showing of Brangus cattle and we were lucky enough to meet many of those showing animals in the ring – where competition was very hot. Christy Collins of Oklahoma was in charge of selecting the 2011 Champions – not an easy task at all!

We met with IBBA reps including publicity officer Melanie Fuller (pictured left) and IBBA president Marcos Borges who extended some great hospitality to their Aussie visitors.

As the publicity contact for the 2012 World Brangus Congress, Amanda addressed North and South American brangus breeders at the Global Collection Sale and the Fort Bend Global Roundup.

World Brangus Congress 2012 chairman Ian Galloway (of Duarran) also shared some Aussie facts and figures with those attending. (NB As there were many Spanish speaking Brangus breeders there, we required the services of a great interpreter, pictured left.)

We inspected one of the well-known American AI sires – Garrett of Brinks – who was on display at Fort Bend.

Of course, it wasn’t all serious ‘cow business’ and we visited the enormous Rodeo venue…

for a fantastic night of rodeo action …

And the fabulous Tim McGraw!

A huge thanks to all those who helped us throughout our visit – members of the IBBA, hostesses at the International Lounge, and stud and commercial breeders who went out of their way to make us feel right at home on the other side of the world.

We look forward to returning the hospitality when you travel Down Under next year to attend the World Brangus Congress 2012.


The Bimbadeen Team

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Photo gallery from Bimbadeen Open Day

Thanks to all who took the drive to visit us at Arthur’s Knob for our Open Day yesterday.

The weather was kind to us and we had a great day talking with cattlemen and women and showcasing the temperament and type of our red and black Brangus weaner bulls and heifer, with a few two-year-olds also on display. (Click on images to enlarge).


We shared some of the outstanding Genestar results achieved by our young weaner bulls – information which we will expand on further here at the Bimbadeen website in the near future.

We hope those who attended enjoyed their visit, and thank the Queensland Country Life for organising the Beef Week event, Westpac for sponsoring it, and (most importantly) we thank buyers for continuing to support Bimbadeen Brangus.


The Bimbadeen Team

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Welcome to our new ‘home’

A warm welcome to Bimbadeen’s brand new website and blog!

This new home site for Australia’s longest-established Brangus stud has been a little while in the making, with our contact details, sale info, history, blog and Facebook all now housed here at

Partners Bruce Burnham (founder of Bimbadeen) and Mark and Amanda Salisbury (Bruce’s daughter) are delighted to showcase the seedstock and activities of our stud here for clients (and potential clients!).

We invite you to sign up for updates (no spamming we promise!) on Bimbadeen business and activities.

Thanks for dropping by and we look forward to hearing your feedback soon.


The Bimbadeen Team

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