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Red Brangus Bulls for sale

We are pleased to offer for sale a quality selection of red Brangus bulls here at Bimbadeen.

bulls_9911 eThis line are around 28 months of age and offer strong poll and excellent carcase traits.

bulls_9925 e

bulls_9896 e

Perfect for cattlemen and women looking to add some proven Brangus genetics to their red herd.

bulls_9947 e Type, temperament and totally pasture-fed.

bulls_9937 e Temperaments are also outstanding.

bulls_9961 e

Please call Mark & Amanda to arrange an inspection.

bulls_9884 e(07) 1675141 or email bimbadeen at

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Shifting heifers

Weekends are often busy times here at Bimbadeen – the kids get to saddle up and head out with Mark to do a little cattle work.

This past weekend was such a time – with some black Brangus heifers being shifted from their grower paddock to their new home, a breeder paddock to the north.

hotday_4803 f bim

The dogs got a run too, and worked beautifully to keep the cows moving as they looked to take advantage of the fresh green pick coming through (after some very welcome rain recently – between 20 and 50mm across the property).

hotday_4838 bimThere was no rushing involved, in the 40C day. hotday_4852 bim

It was a bit sweaty …

hotday_4858 bimBut with our trusty jillaroo leading out the mob…

hotday_4871 bim

And Dad getting into that role, as the jillaroo scouted for potential mob-invaders ahead… bimbadeen E47_4896 bim f


She found a couple but they were busy getting aquainted (in a mother-and-son fashion) and were happy to let the mob walk by…

hotday_4892 bimLet’s not forget the jackaroo bringing up the tail with a couple of busy hounds…

hotday_4886 bim

And Mum clicking away on the camera further back in the truck…hotday_4910 bim e

It wasn’t long before the destination was in sight…

hotday_4952 bim

And the final push to ‘The Knob Paddock’ was achieved… hotday_4981 bim


And everyone rewarded themselves with a good long drink!

hotday_4971 bim

These heifers have held condition beautifully through a very dry Winter and Autumn, and will now be joined with a Bimbadeen sire.

We do hope our clients and readers have managed to get under some decent falls of rain lately – and if not yet, then soon!


The Bimbadeen Team

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Stud muster

It’s been glorious Autumn weather here at Bimbadeen, making our late branding musters a real pleasure.  So we thought we’d share some glimpses with you, taken during one of our days in a stud paddock this week.

The granite boulders of our open country often marks a favourite resting place for our breeders.

They look surprised to be caught mid-mouthful sometimes – still pretty, even with her lunch dangling from her lips!

A young heifer bemused at the attention of the crazy lady with the Nikon glued to her face…

Mother and son playing around …

The incredible shade tree in the middle of the dip yards – the kids think it’s the Enchanted Faraway Tree!

Some of our hard workers take a break during the yardwork – from front: Blue, Patch and Cruel.

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek into a day at Bimbadeen (a quick preview for those taking the Pre-Congress Brangus tour next month).


The Bimbadeen Team


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Bottle Tree Country Muster

Some glimpses of a day mustering and weighing steers at our ‘top’ paddocks…

Mark and Bruce bring in the tail of the mob…

Waiting steers and bottle trees …

Mark and dogs lead the mob along the laneway…

Before work in the yards begins…

Bruce brings the cattle into the smaller forcing yards…

Black and red brangus steers waiting to be weighed…

Mark assesses the result – and sorts the steers accordingly.  This lot are mostly 28-month-old steers and averaged around 580kg with the tops weighing in at around 660kg – the top half of this mob are ready to send off in around a month’s time to our EU market buyers.

DONE – and waiting patiently to go back to the paddock.


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