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See us at Beef 2018!

Bimbadeen have two exciting events for customers and Brangus breeders to be part of in 2018…

We will be showcasing a selection of our 2018 sale bulls at Beef Australia 2018 (May 6-12) in Rockhampton.  The Bimbadeen site will be easy to find, close to the Main Gates at the Rockhampton Showgrounds (see map below).

Mark, Amanda and family will be on hand, you can check out some of our two and three-year-old bulls and Bimbadeen females, and try out the virtual Bimbadeen experience.  Don’t miss your chance to enter the draw to win $1000 credit*.


Another event for your diary:  our second on-property Bimbadeen Bull Sale, ‘The Cream of the Crop’ will be held at our ‘Arthur’s Knob’ property – on Saturday, August 25, 2018.  Email us to make sure you are on our mailing list for catalogues closer to the date.

Hope to see you at either (or both) events!


Mark & Amanda

*Two $1000 credits towards 2018 Bimbadeen Bull Sale will be drawn: one on May 12 at our site, Beef Australia 2018, and one on sale day, August 25 before the sale commences.

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NEWSFLASH: Inaugural Open Day & Sale

We are delighted to announce that we are holding our first independent Bimbadeen Open Day and Sale on August 26, 2017.

The event will be held at Bimbadeen’s ‘Arthur’s Knob’ property (don’t worry, we will sign it well from the highways) and will feature a display of heifers, cows, our show bulls, bulls to be offered at upcoming sales and 30 excellent young bulls which will be available to purchase via a Helmsman auction. (CATALOGUE HERE)

We have chosen this style of sale as a ‘low impact’ option for both bidders and cattle.  For those unfamiliar with Helmsman auctions:

  1. On arrival intending purchasers need to register at the bid table and receive a buyer number.
  2. All animals are displayed for inspection prior to, and during the sale. 
  3. When the sale commences, all animals are on the market simultaneously. You may bid on any animal regardless of lot number, by filling in a bid card and handing it to the receptionist at the bid table, agent, or to a ‘runner’.
  4. You may open biding at the reserve price indicated for each animal in the catalogue then contest bids consecutively. 
  5. Bids are recorded, with the buyer’s number, on a large board adjacent to the animals. You can bit on any number of animals at once, and see at a glance whether your bid still stands or has been over-bid.
  6. There is no pressure to commit yourself to another bid. If your ‘first choice’ animal goes beyond your limit you can still bid on any other animal in the sale.
  7. The sale will remain open for a set period of time. A bid registered in the last 2 minutes will result in a 2 minute extension of selling time. Any further bids trigger the same process until a full 2 minutes ‘no bid’ period concludes the sale.
  8. A bid once submitted and recorded cannot be retracted.

Keep your eye out in rural publications for stories on the 2017 Bimbadeen Open Day & Sale – our Facebook Page will also share updates and individual bull info sheets.  To assist us with catering (we are hoping to do something a bit different in this area) we’d love it if you can either register for the event (on FB here) or comment/message us to let us know you are likely attending.

Look forward to seeing you here in August!


Mark, Amanda and family

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Out in the paddock… calves post-branding

Sharing a few snaps from a drive around Bimbadeen’s stud paddocks on a hot February weekend.

Cows and calves have all settled beautifully since branding a fortnight ago…

calves_1268 f

Lovely softy stud heifer (Bimbadeen N57) enjoys the shade with her dam.

calves_1439 f

This young bull calf (N34) has the most amazing nature – definitely a cruiser.

calves_1429 f

These calves have had no handling, but this guy was happy to watch us from just a metre or so distance.

We are pleased with this year’s calves – like heifer N17 – soft, polled and great skin …
calves_1275 f

… and another example of Bimbadeen’s excellent 206/17 drop (N36).

calves_1299 f

This young bull (N77) just feeling frisky!

calves_1293 f

And not much for posing for the camera..

calves_1294 f

While this cow – Bimbadeen P67 – flirting up a storm with Oaklands Ambassador.

cow_1308 w f

Working on next year’s Bimbadeen stud drop!

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Cream of the Crop – Rocky Brangus Sale

We are delighted to present our selection of young sires of the future, to be offered next week (Tuesday October 11 at CQLX) at the Rockhampton Australian Brangus Cattle Association Sale.  All bulls are rising two years of age, polled and registered.


locjyer-ad-eWe think this young bull is pretty special – check out his credentials:  the perfect poll, superb underline, great nature, even fleshing & bone to burn.  He is by influential sire Bimbadeen ‘Hank’ H1(ET) and out of outstanding dam Bimbadeen G178… this young bull is class all the way.


For pedigree and registraton information click here: 2016-bull-info-lockyer *



Boasting a brilliant Brinks pedigree, Liberty is a young all-American bull by Csonka of Brinks 30R4, with dam carrying BB Bright Promise & Blanda of Brinks bloodlines.  Terrific underline & bone – will be a sire with size!


For pedigree and registraton information click here: 2016-bull-info-liberty *



Lighthouse is simply a powerhouse of attributes: length, depth, width, poll & nature – another of Bimbadeen ‘Hank’ H1 (ET)
progeny, ready to bring bone and beef to any herd.


For pedigree and registraton information click here: 2016-bull-info-lighthouse *



Lithgow has plenty of flash and loves the ladies!  He is a very tidy, clean-coated young sire with an excellent (polled) Brangus head and deep flank throwing to his Aussie dam – a stylish ,athletic bull.


For pedigree and registraton information click here: 2016-bull-info-lithgow

BULL SALE STARTS AT 9.30am – also available on Auctions Plus.

* Other measures will be taken after bulls arrive at Gracemere on Monday October 10.bimbadeen-rocky-brangus-sale-e

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Classic Red bulls 2016

We are delighted to introduce the three young Bimbadeen Red Brangus bulls selected for the 2016 Red Classic Brangus Sale, being held at the CQLX saleyards (Gracemere) on Tuesday, September 20.

LOT 39


Latrobe has depth in spades, is polled and has  a sensational temperament as well.  He will grow into a very big bull and handles his weight with ease.

Age: 22 months

Weight: 800 kg

Scrotal: 42 cm

EMA: 114 cm


(Image taken 13/9/2016)

LOT 40

BIMBADEEN Lytton (L151)

An easy-moving bull with depth & skin typical of progeny from ‘Bimbadeen Fire’, and exhibiting exceptional length from his dam’s side.

Age: 22 months

Weight: 710 kg

Scrotal: 38 cm

EMA: 112 cm


(Updated image taken 14/9/2016)

LOT 41

BIMBADEEN Loxton (L134)

Loxton offers outstanding length and fleshing, with great skin and poll.  A very sirey young bull with excellent eye muscle area – and has displayed a great temperament from a very early age.

Age: 22 months

Weight: 764 kg

Scrotal: 41 cm

EMA: 126 cm


(Updated image taken 14/9/2016)

For all enquiry prior to sale call Mark (07) 41675141

For those unable to attend sale in person, conact Elders Rural (07) 49 276122 or Ray White Livestock (07) 49 333309

A few out-takes from our bull shoot – showing off some fabulous natures!





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2016 red & black sale bulls

Introducing our lineup of bulls being offered over the 2016 bull sale season – at Monto All Breeds sale (Sept 10), Classic Red Brangus Sale (Sept 20) and ABCA Brangus Sale (Oct 10 and 11).

bimbadeen brangus ad july2016 f

More information and links on these great young sires coming soon!

*Full page ad appearing in the next edition of The Australian Brangus magazine.

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2016 Monto All Breeds Sale

We are very proud to introduce our line-up for the 2016 Monto All Breeds Sale, to be held on September 10.


(Downloadable full-size PDF of their information here: bimbadeen-brangus-monto-bulls)

LOT 79 


An eye-catching bull, with lovely soft fleshing through his hind end, a tidy underline and great nature, this bull is a strong all-rounder.  A terrific example of Australian Brangus bloodlines featuring Bimbadeen and Greendale genetics.

Age: 23 months

Weight: 762 kg

Scrotal: 41 cm

EMA: 119 cm

LOT 80

L92_1968 W e BIMBADEEN L94

Exceptional in his type and nature, L94 offers a tidy underline along with the beef-producing genetics of Bimbadeen and Bonox stud’s best bloodlines. His full Australian background offers great skin and a gentle temperament.

Age: 23 months

Weight: 778 kg

Scrotal: 37 cm

EMA: 118 cm

LOT 81

L25_1881 W eBIMBADEEN L25

Bringing outstanding bone and frame, this young sire is balanced and tidy.  By our favourite embryo (Bimbadeen H1 ‘Hank’) his excellent American genetics (including WASHINGTON OF BRINKS 302S47 (P))  show in L25’s structure and depth – we expect this bull to go on to be an exceptional herd-improver.

Age: 24 months

Weight: 758 kg

Scrotal: 42 cm

EMA: 114 cm

LOT 82

l28_1994 W e BIMBADEEN L28

Stylish, fleshy and polled.  This young sire is active and balanced, thowing to his Australian Brangus side with his ‘type’ – looking very much like his grandsire on his dam’s side, Doonside Dr Mok.  Check out that eye-muscle area!

Age: 24 months

Weight: 780 kg

Scrotal: 41 cm

EMA: 132 cm

NB All bulls are calf-registered with the Australian Brangus Cattle Association, and can be upgraded to full registration status should buyers require.

If you are unable to attend in person, but would like to bid for these young bulls contact Brad McInally from Monto Cattle and Country.

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Sneak peek @ 2016 sale bulls

An annual job for us here at Bimbadeen is identifying and allocating our prepared bulls for upcoming sales.  While all Bimbadeen bulls pass tough selection criteria, these are our ‘pick of the crop’.

So with pen in hand, Mark and Amanda spent an afternoon with these young sires-of-the future..

bulls_0808 f

Aren’t they a handsome bunch…

bulls_0793 f

They don’t mind posing too much either!

bulls_0880 e

Some are incredibly quiet, and don’t mind a bit of human attention at all.

bulls_0842 e

Some vie for Mark’s scratches – pick me, pick me!

bulls_0844 e

Nothing like a bull under your arm – this guy would give our Great Dane a run for his money in the ‘shameless snuggler’ department.

bulls_0838 e

Aaaahhhh… that’s the spot!

bulls_0829 e

We are really excited with the future sires we will be offering this season – with some outstanding bloodlines featuring Australia and American genetics.

bulls_0824 e

We will be sharing further information in upcoming posts here and on our Facebook page… stay tuned!

bulls_0865 e

In the meantime, here is a very quiet red Brangus bull impersonating a dog – at HEEL!
bulls_0909 e



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Bimbadeen @ Callide Dawson BCC

As the Winter weather has arrived and the feed has hayed off, Bimbadeen’s last mob of two-year-old steers have been finishing on our most northern paddocks.
steers_9581 f

We have been really pleased with the ‘doing’ condition (across the board) of our cattle.

steers_9591 f

The deadline for the 2016 Callide Dawson Beef Cattle Competition (CDBCC) entries coincided with the planned sale of this mob, so Mark decided to nominate a handful of steers at the last minute.

steers_9589 f

It was quite challenging selecting the pick of these steers, with a very even line to choose from!

steers_9724 crop f

In the end, a single steer and one pen of three steers were separated – all black, polled and finished without being overdone.

steers_9792 d

All mouthed two teeth on selection.

steers_9778 f

The CDBCC is regarded as one of Australia’s largest beef carcase competitions, with 525 head entered in 359 entries in grass-fed and grain-fed categories.

Unfortunately our single steer entry broke a tooth in the couple of days between selection and arrival at Teys Biloela, which hurt his chances in his class.

However our other steers managed to secure second place (from a field of 28 entries) in the Pen of Three Grassfed Steers.


Amid some pretty hot competition we were very happy to secure such a great result.
We received our prize at the awards dinner in Biloela last night – a great evening among some great cattlemen and women.  We would like to thank organisers for the chance to take part, and congratulate all winners and place-getters in each section of the event.

For more information and results: CDBCC website and Facebook Page 

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Bimbadeen @ Beef 2015

What a week we had a Beef Week 2015!
BEEF site panoe

We had hundreds of people visit us at our site in Brangus Boulevard…

beef_3675 e

Mark, Amanda, Jack and Sarah were joined by friend and local agribusiness specialist Lisa Londsdale.


Along with Bimbadeen Kimberley…

bimbadeen kakadu e

Bimbadeen Kakadu…

bimbadeen koz e

and Bimbadeen Kosciusko …

BEEF_3566 E

We shared a special presentation with visitors called ‘The Bimbadeen Experience’ which we plan to share on this website very soon!

beef_3664 ee

We had many special visitors, including Buck Thomasen from Indian Hills Ranch, Texas, USA (pictured here with Bruce and Barbara Burnham, founders of Bimbadeen Brangus).

beef_3631 e

We were pleased with our couple of young Bimbadeen representatives in the show arena.

BEEF site boyd e

Mark talked bulls and heifers for five days!

beef_3669 e

And many, many bright green Bimbadeen balloons were handed out to youngsters who visited us!

BEEF site family

We’d love to thanks everyone who helped make this amazing trade fair possible – especially those suppliers who went above and beyond with our re-branding effort, our jillaroo Mikki who lead our cattle in her second ever cattle show, fellow Brangus who helped our site happen. It was a huge team effort!

businesscard eIf you called by, we hope you picked one of these up!  Our new wash-proof business cards…

We look forward to seeing many of you here at Bimbadeen for your paddock bull inspection – red and black Brangus bulls ready for the breeding season ahead.


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