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Out in the paddock… calves post-branding

Sharing a few snaps from a drive around Bimbadeen’s stud paddocks on a hot February weekend.

Cows and calves have all settled beautifully since branding a fortnight ago…

calves_1268 f

Lovely softy stud heifer (Bimbadeen N57) enjoys the shade with her dam.

calves_1439 f

This young bull calf (N34) has the most amazing nature – definitely a cruiser.

calves_1429 f

These calves have had no handling, but this guy was happy to watch us from just a metre or so distance.

We are pleased with this year’s calves – like heifer N17 – soft, polled and great skin …
calves_1275 f

… and another example of Bimbadeen’s excellent 206/17 drop (N36).

calves_1299 f

This young bull (N77) just feeling frisky!

calves_1293 f

And not much for posing for the camera..

calves_1294 f

While this cow – Bimbadeen P67 – flirting up a storm with Oaklands Ambassador.

cow_1308 w f

Working on next year’s Bimbadeen stud drop!

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Shifting heifers

Weekends are often busy times here at Bimbadeen – the kids get to saddle up and head out with Mark to do a little cattle work.

This past weekend was such a time – with some black Brangus heifers being shifted from their grower paddock to their new home, a breeder paddock to the north.

hotday_4803 f bim

The dogs got a run too, and worked beautifully to keep the cows moving as they looked to take advantage of the fresh green pick coming through (after some very welcome rain recently – between 20 and 50mm across the property).

hotday_4838 bimThere was no rushing involved, in the 40C day. hotday_4852 bim

It was a bit sweaty …

hotday_4858 bimBut with our trusty jillaroo leading out the mob…

hotday_4871 bim

And Dad getting into that role, as the jillaroo scouted for potential mob-invaders ahead… bimbadeen E47_4896 bim f


She found a couple but they were busy getting aquainted (in a mother-and-son fashion) and were happy to let the mob walk by…

hotday_4892 bimLet’s not forget the jackaroo bringing up the tail with a couple of busy hounds…

hotday_4886 bim

And Mum clicking away on the camera further back in the truck…hotday_4910 bim e

It wasn’t long before the destination was in sight…

hotday_4952 bim

And the final push to ‘The Knob Paddock’ was achieved… hotday_4981 bim


And everyone rewarded themselves with a good long drink!

hotday_4971 bim

These heifers have held condition beautifully through a very dry Winter and Autumn, and will now be joined with a Bimbadeen sire.

We do hope our clients and readers have managed to get under some decent falls of rain lately – and if not yet, then soon!


The Bimbadeen Team

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