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Out in the paddock… calves post-branding

Sharing a few snaps from a drive around Bimbadeen’s stud paddocks on a hot February weekend.

Cows and calves have all settled beautifully since branding a fortnight ago…

calves_1268 f

Lovely softy stud heifer (Bimbadeen N57) enjoys the shade with her dam.

calves_1439 f

This young bull calf (N34) has the most amazing nature – definitely a cruiser.

calves_1429 f

These calves have had no handling, but this guy was happy to watch us from just a metre or so distance.

We are pleased with this year’s calves – like heifer N17 – soft, polled and great skin …
calves_1275 f

… and another example of Bimbadeen’s excellent 206/17 drop (N36).

calves_1299 f

This young bull (N77) just feeling frisky!

calves_1293 f

And not much for posing for the camera..

calves_1294 f

While this cow – Bimbadeen P67 – flirting up a storm with Oaklands Ambassador.

cow_1308 w f

Working on next year’s Bimbadeen stud drop!

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‘Bimbadeen Experience’ official invite

Mark and Amanda have their heads down over the past few weeks, getting the finishing touches completed on preparations for their trade site at Beef 2015, Rockhampton Showgrounds May 4-9.

It’s been a flurry of grooming, welding, photographing and computer tapping here, with Bimbadeen’s ‘branding’ undergoing a bit of a makeover too!

Among the draw cards for the Bimbadeen site will be ‘the Bimbadeen Experience’… we don’t want to give too much away but hope that you can join us at Beef, to check out our display, inspect a selection of Bimbadeen heifers and bulls, and to catch up with Mark and Amanda.

Beef 2015 magazine ad on black


Venue Map e

We hope to see you there!

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Stud muster

It’s been glorious Autumn weather here at Bimbadeen, making our late branding musters a real pleasure.  So we thought we’d share some glimpses with you, taken during one of our days in a stud paddock this week.

The granite boulders of our open country often marks a favourite resting place for our breeders.

They look surprised to be caught mid-mouthful sometimes – still pretty, even with her lunch dangling from her lips!

A young heifer bemused at the attention of the crazy lady with the Nikon glued to her face…

Mother and son playing around …

The incredible shade tree in the middle of the dip yards – the kids think it’s the Enchanted Faraway Tree!

Some of our hard workers take a break during the yardwork – from front: Blue, Patch and Cruel.

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek into a day at Bimbadeen (a quick preview for those taking the Pre-Congress Brangus tour next month).


The Bimbadeen Team


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